01 – The First Kiss

This is going to be about the most embarrassing story on this entire site…

I even debated on writing this one.  But, I am doing this to get everything out, good and bad.  So I have to include everything I can remember anyway.

Also, side note here… We are going back to the very beginning, somewhere in the late 80s maybe early 90s.  So expecting me to remember all of the details of what happened and time frames and whatnot can get a little hazy.  I really only had about three girls in high school that I was with.  Let me clarify… three girls I dated, of those three I only slept (had sex/made love to) one.  Two that were shorter term and one that was much longer and went beyond high school.  I had some crushes in high school of course, but I was utterly clueless when I came to girls in high school.  I was to busy playing with friends out in the country where we grew up and then into middle school and high school I was busy with drawing for art classes, playing Nintendo, and Dungeons & Dragons.  Also, come to find out much later I had a couple of girls that have said they had a crush on me in high school… (Kinda wish they would have told me back then…)  But then again it was when I was seriously dating one girl that I was extremely loyal to and I would not have done anything with any of them while I was seeing her anyway.

Back then…

Back when I did everything I could to be the perfect guy I thought all girls wanted, well.. what I thought the one girl I was seriously seeing wanted.  Caring, romantic, sweet, great character, integrity, listens, respectful, committed, completely faithful, honest, humble, grateful, do anything for her kind of guy.

Speaking of, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams was even ‘our song’.

Does that just get you all lovey-dovey, mushy inside?

Or maybe for some just throw up in your mouth a little?

Anyway, I am not saying I have just given up or thrown all those traits away and turned to the dark side or anything like that.  Not at all, but I would say that over the years I have probably turned a little colder and calculated (like Batman) than anything else.  It does not mean I am cold, jaded and my heart is frozen over or anything like that either.  Just somewhere in-between.

So here we are… Back at the beginning…

“I am waiting for you, Vizzini! You told me to go back to the beginning… so I have.  This is where I am, this is where I’ll stay. I will not be moved!”

Oh wait… Wrong story..  : )


The one person all of my friends hated.  Why?  Honestly I have no idea.  I do know why some hated her, but that is another story.  I do not really remember much about our time together, I know we dated for like a year or so.  We played a lot of Nintendo, we hung out and did things together, but the details of all of that are very fuzzy at best.  I do remember she had a couple of friends that I seriously had the hots for.  Also just for reference, Danielle was the first person I dated, then it was Sue, then Jill.  And Jill was the first person I slept with / had sex with.  So to think about these friends of hers now, would be an “I would love to play around with them in a sexual way.”  Back then it was just a serious crush on them.  Brandi O, Kim, Nancy, …………..  The other stupid thing I remember when we were dating is we would call each other, I think it was more her calling me, but I do not recall.  Anyway we would talk for a few minutes, and then seriously sit on the phone for like an hour or more with neither of us saying a word, or maybe a few words here and there, but seriously long silences.  WTF was that all about??  I certainly have no clue that is for sure.  Looking back was certainly one of the dumbest things ever.  For now I do not remember many other details of what we actually did.  I do have old pictures I am going to go through as I write all of these in hopes to jog some memories.

So onto the first kiss part of all of this.  We would always go to the Red River Valley Fair every year, ‘we’ as in friends, family, etc.  It was just the thing to do in a smallish town.  One of the times that I went, I went with Danielle, we might have gone a couple of years together, but I am not sure.  Outside of everything we did at the fair

02 – Sue

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