Why am I doing this?

Honestly, I’m not quite sure…

I’m hoping to figure that out along the way.  First off, trying to remember all of this way back to… See, I don’t even remember how long it’s been.  If I had to guess, I would say the late 80s, maybe early 90s.  As I write more and figure out the years, I will probably get a better handle on the time frame of all of this and the chronological order.

I also encourage anyone with personal experience with these stories to contact me at ( DreadPirateRoberts2009 at Gmail dot com ) to help maybe fill in the details of what is in these stories.  Or to share your side of things, and I will post it where relevant.

I have also debated whether I should include pictures for each story.  I still have yet to decide on this, so we shall see where this takes me.

Will anyone ever find this or even care to read it?

Personally, I don’t care…

This is strictly for me.  I am just putting down all my thoughts and ideas about all these stories from the past to maybe gain some insights into some things.  That’s all this is for.  If others find this and read it, great; if not, that’s ok too.  It was not written for anyone else, but since it’s being published on the Internet, it is out there for anyone to find.

What is this even about?

Sexual Encounters / Relationships / Experiences, Good & Bad…

I used to keep a list of people I had dated and or slept with (sexual contact with).  That was about 15~20 years ago, though.  At some point, I lost or destroyed that list; I don’t recall which.  This list was not very long, and it started with my ‘high school sweetheart’ as it were, and only had about 10~15 other people on there.

I had a crazy idea a few years back to go back and recreate that list, but not just for names.  I wanted to write down details about each one.  Not a novel on each person, but just a handful of details, maybe some fond memories, maybe some bad experiences, maybe some good experiences.

I do not know; whatever comes out and whatever I can remember.  This will be a dating / sexual encounters-type journal, I guess.

Is this just going to be one-sided?

I hope not…

Since I cannot speak for any of the girls here, this will be all from my view and perspective.  But I am going to do my best not to sugarcoat anything.  I’m not here to make myself look or sound good.  I want to lay out all the good and the bad (at least everything I can remember).

That is why I’ve put my email address above; if anyone reads this and has their perspective and wants me to add it here to share, I am more than willing to add their perspective.  Or I could have just forgotten a detail or two, but I hope to remember as much as possible.

Why ‘Built In Bed’?

No, this was not some long-thought-out idea for a website name…

I initially bought this website because I had about 30 other websites I was working on and building.  I was running out of room on the hosting company I was using.  (Unlimited space, my ass…)  So I had to purchase another hosting service through my current hosting provider, and with it came a free domain.

Ya… Another domain, just what I needed, right…  So I had to quickly look for another domain name that would be useful and something I could build down the road.  The only thing I could quickly come up with was BuiltInBed. 

This was going to be a blog about all the items with ‘Built In Beds’ in them or things you could build a bed into—kind of a hobby-type blog site.  Then, after a while, I researched the site and content and lost interest in building that site out.  So it just was going to sit and collect dust.

Then I started kicking around this idea again of making this site.  My only real dilemma was, what the F do I use for a domain name for a site like this?  Nothing I wanted to think about, that’s for sure.  I kept looking back at this site (BuiltInBed).

Sure, it’s probably not the best name at all, but it was a site I already owned, and I would not have to try and think of another name.  I am certainly not trying to say that all of my sexual experiences are what have ‘built me’ into what I am now.

I guess, sure, in a way, it has shaped me in a sense, of course.  But for a blog that mainly talks about my sexual experiences, it fits to call it ‘Built In Bed.’  Not the best title or site name for this project, but it will do, and I will run with it.

Before you continue onto the first page, this is your only warning.

If you do not want to know all these details about me, close this site now and walk away…

If you are easily offended by words or sexual / adult content, close this site now and walk away…

Just for a point in time reference, this site was started Monday, May 27th, 2019.

Let’s begin…

01 – The First Kiss

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